Please, write your thoughts on chapter 20, “Farewell.”


2 responses to “C20

  1. stokes23

    Throughout chapter 20 Elena is facing both an external and internal conflict. External, because she is leaving her home and family in Russia, and internal because she’s not only leaving the only thing she’s known, she’s trying to understand what her life has meant and what’s to come with her future in America. On page 291 after Elena explains what happened to Nadia and her family she says, “I felt guilty that I can leave and she cannot, too embarrassed to admit to her that my real reason for leaving has nothing to do with the cause of political freedom. It has to do with my mother.” I thought this was a significant part in the chapter because Elena’s mom has had a big part of nudging her in life. Elena’s is facing an internal conflict in decision making and her relationship with her mother. Also, on page 292 Elena is faced with another internal conflict when she says, “A silly thought floats into my head: this is what it all has come to—a mountain of crumbs.” This is a very important part in Elena’s life because she seems to understand her life in Russia up to that point.

  2. Farewell – Theme
    “I’m about to say that Texas has no winter, but I don’t. In the past few weeks my mother’s sayings have strangely begun to make sense.” This chapter had me reminiscing about the time I moved from California to Michigan. I could feel Elena’s heart being tugged at the thought of leaving all she has ever known. Her excitement of leaving had been subdued, long enough for her to take the time to appreciate her family and her country. I myself was so ready to move to Michigan, to get out on my own, and start a new life; but the thought of leaving my family, and all I had ever known, was very difficult.

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