Please, write your thoughts on chapter 18, “Waiting.”


2 responses to “C18

  1. 18 Waiting- theme (restriction)
    Page 263 “I want to leave this country, which dawns on me, is so much like my mother. They are almost the same age, my mother and my motherland. They are both in love with order, both overbearing and protective.”
    I felt like this was an excellent comparison. It’s true, both her mother and her country try to control Elena’s life. Every aspect of Elena’s life seems to be dictated by either, her mother or country. Her mother tries to direct Elena towards a respectable job, especially a medical profession. All her life her country has tried to mold her into the perfect citizen. All of the subjects that Elena studied in school were meant to instill a sense of patriotism and love of the motherland. Elena has felt like she has never had any say in what she wants to do. She has always been restricted no matter where she goes.

  2. David Bonetti

    Waiting-Internal Conflict
    In chapter 18, Elena begins to frequently receive letters from Robert. In the letters Robert expresses care for Elena. Robert understands Elena’s longing for getting out of Russia. He tries to get her out of the country on a visitor’s visa but that doesn’t work. When he decides to come to Russia to visit Elena, Robert proposes that they get married in order for her to move to the United States. Elena agrees to this marriage in the prospect of going to the United States. However, there are two downfalls to this marriage. First, Robert doesn’t feel ready to get married so he tells Elena that he still wants to see other people. Secondly, they have to wait three months in order to get married which means that Robert will have to make yet another trip to Russia. At the end of the chapter, Elena is feeling unsure if her dream of going to the U.S. will ever come true and if Robert will come back in the three months to get married.

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