Please, write your thoughts on chapter 17, “Facilitator of Acquisition.”


3 responses to “C17

  1. Facilitator of Aquisition – External Conflict
    Once again Elena is struggling with her mom. The chapter starts out with Elena and Nina getting the job to teach Americans about the Russian language. Elena ends up meeting Robert, because of Nina. Robert is an American student in Nina’s class and ends up liking Elena. At the end of the chapter Elena and Robert go on a date to see the white night and when Elena comes home at four in the morning, her mom and her get in an argument. Elena’s mother asked where she was and Elena finally said, “Out on a date,” “WIth a foreigner, an American.” She also then told her mother that she smokes ciggerates. I feel like Elena really is going somewhere in this chapter finally with breaking out of being brainwashed by her mother.

  2. ajvanlopik

    Most children and teens get in fights and or disagree with their parents, Elena included. Once again, there is conflict between Elena and her mother. On page 250, things between the two get heated. Her mother says, “I worry about you. You’re my daughter, and at four in the morning you should be safe at home. Where were you?” This is the point in time where Elena begins to break free from her mother’s, and Russia’s brainwashing. She replies, “Out on a date…With a foreigner, an American.” Her mother was furious, and at the bottom of that same page her mother yells, “What’s wrong with you?” Elena also mentioned to her mother that she smokes. Elena’s words are driven by anger, and now she finally has the ability to break free from what her mother wants her to do, and she can do what she wants to do.

  3. Facilitator of Acquisition – Tone
    I chose the first day of Elena’s classes. In this section of the book Elena talks about the nauseating feeling that you get the first day of anything. It is the “butterflies in the stomach” feeling. She compares it with the visits to the dental clinic or the school authorities twisting the minds of good students. As the chapter goes on, her tone takes a total turn. She is no longer nervous as she is with her class of American students. She is the only Russian, so she is automatically above all the students.

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