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Welcome to the One Book, One Community (OBOC) blog discussion on the 2012 selection, Mountain of Crumbs, by Elena Gorokhova.  This blog is dedicated to the cultivation of community discussion.  Whether you are reading the book for fun, for a book club, or for a class, the OBOC Committee encourages you to participate in this blog by giving your thoughts and comments on Mountain of Crumbs.  We hope that this blog will provide a discussion forum for the community to develop a better understanding of the novel through idea sharing.  Please consider sharing your ideas, so other people can benefit from them.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.”

—Margaret Fuller


Blog Layout

You will find the blog pages organized chronologically: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, etc.  The chapters are abbreviated: C01 for Chapter 1, C02 for Chapter 2, and so forth.

Please comment on the respective chapter.  For example, if you want to discuss a topic about chapter 7, then comment on the Chapter 7 page, titled “C07” (all tabs are found at the top of each page).  In addition, there are two more pages: a “Study Guide,” containing the OBOC study guide questions for your response, and a final page, titled “Overall,” for general comments about the novel as a whole.


Posting and Replying

Please give thoughtful and appropriate comments.  If you decide to post or reply to other participants’ posts, do not use offensive language.  If you are concerned about whether your comment will be appropriate, or there is a posted comment that offends you, then please write the facilitator of the OBOC blog, Alex Gubbins (  He will address your concerns.


Creating Account

In order to participate in the discussion, you will need to create a WordPress account.  Go to the link below and sign up.  Then you will be able to post your comments to the blog at will.  There is no cost to create an account.


Thank you, and we hope to see you on the blog.



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